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argh i need a hug's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
argh i need a hug

In the end, they were two sides of the same coin: fear and hope.
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[Feb 11th, 11:48pm]
    BATMAN & ROBIN #23 Written by JUDD WINICK Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH 1:10 Variant cover by GENE HA Jason Todd - Batman’s one-time sidekick, currently the anti-hero known as Red Hood - has been imprisoned in Arkham Asylum for the past several months. But after a period of good behavior, will a transfer to a lower-security prison mean reformation for Jason Todd . . . or is trouble waiting in the wings for Batman and Robin? Don’t miss “The Streets Run Red” part one of three! On sale MAY 11 • 32 pg, FC $2.99 US • RATED T
Just making a comeback to say a) it was Arkham so I feel validated and b) THIS IS GOING TO ROCK.
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[Nov 21st, 3:05am]
This is probably just going to be a mesh of random thought, but this is what I have for Deathly Hallows. I didn't enjoy it as much as the others, but I think it's because it felt like it was just very long with not very much happening. I loved seeing 12GP again so don't be surprised if there's random observations in there with the spoilers.

The Odeon was doing a "Wizards Special" where you got popcorn, drink, sweets and a wizards hat. Yes, we were all wearing wizards hats. It looked ridiculous.

Spoilers!Collapse )
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[Oct 29th, 12:54am]
Fandom: Natalie Portman (actress)
Natalie Portman in RGB
(relatively small images but image heavy)

Shining my colours.Collapse )
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[Oct 18th, 8:57pm]
My Personal Picks
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That Kind of Love: Padmé & Anakin Picspam (Star Wars) [Sep 28th, 9:49pm]
Community: picspammy
Fandom: Star Wars
Song: listen
Notes: This has been my favourite song for this couple for about eight years and was the first song I ever really connected with them. Though some parts don't fit as well as others, the overall song seems to be just right for them.

Who would sell their soul for love, or waste one tear on compromise?Collapse )
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[Sep 22nd, 1:22am]
The Clone Wars series by Traviss and Miller reads like meta and I'm unashamed of loving that.
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[Sep 20th, 3:34am]
20 in 20 for anakin_icontest which means I've brushed off my old, creaky icon making skills and found I'd forgotten most of them and had to get up close with psp again. Fun was had, though.

Comments & Credit are both appreciated and please do not alter.

table under the cutCollapse )
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[Aug 1st, 9:03pm]

In defense of Jason Todd

When I first arrived on the comics scene, this was the one character everyone seemed to hate. I thought he must be atrocious, so I never paid him much heed as a character. Over the last two years, I’ve read everything I could get my hands on about this character and I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the hatred about this character comes from a lack of consistency, a few bizarre editorial decisions and common misconceptions about his place in the DCU. I’m going to attempt to tackle those and help people understand the character a little more.

A summary of Jason's life up till now, reviews of his treatment as a character, his relationships and common misconceptions debunked all under the cut!Collapse )
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